Tassels is a piece of jewellery in movement – where soft meets hard. Worn by its owner it glistens and glimmers. In the collection Tassels each strand is made up ​​of strung precious stones. Short, long, powerful, and graceful, from youthful attitude to sober ornament. The collection has many expressions.

And it was there that Sebastian Schildt wanted to land.

” A piece of jewellery is not something you just hang around your neck. You dress up in it. The tassels diversity appealed to me as a starting point or inspiration. The shape is classic and yet has a long, interesting history in many cultures. I wanted to highlight that and give it new forms and expressions ” says Sebastian Schildt.

With individual features, colours and lengths – each piece in the Tassels collection is unique. And the weight of a bundle bejewelled lashes creates the graceful feeling.

Tassels – a piece of jewellery with sensual presence.



Silver pitchers



The atelier of Sebastian Schildt is situated downtown Stockholm. It is one of the larger silver- and goldsmith ateliers of Sweden, providing broad and solid knowledge. Tools and machinery carry a history from recognized Swedish silver workshops like Bohlins, Borgilas and Carleman to mention a few.